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Airport Show 2024 Dubai UAE

Accelerating business and innovation for future airports

24 – 26 May 2024

Venue:Dubai World Trade Center

In preparation for a lively post-pandemic era, the Airport Show team is enthusiastic to launch an avant-girls event that will take place between May 24 and May 6 of 2024. This innovative digital-only service is aimed at preserving the links in our community and conducting research into new economic requirements. Receiving the support of UAE officials, we strive to redefine the innovation towards ‘the new normal,’ leading to our upcoming live event.

Through deep consultations with our exalted international customers and intensive market studies done by our regional partners and analysts, we have made the regrettably tough decision to cancel this year’s Airport Show scheduled for October 2024. This decision, guided by the travel restrictions imposed globally, testifies to our commitment to preserving the safety of our participants and attendees.

Since this unfortunate cancellation is essential, our digital event in May 2024 will be a vibrant medium for engagement, knowledge sharing, and collaboration, helping all the attendees maneuver their way through the changing aviation world. The transformative times invite us to virtually unite, find new opportunities, and build our future of airport operations together.

While we anticipate the live event to come, let us express our appreciation for all the partners, stakeholders, and other members of the global aviation community. Together, we maintain our strength even in difficult circumstances; this digital project is reminiscent of the joint commitment to innovation and flexibility for a redeveloped aircraft industry.

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