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Cyber Security Show 2024 UAE

Largest exhibition and conference on cybersecurity

31 May – 02 June 2024

Venue:Dubai World Trade Centre, UAE

Dubai Digital Security Heart: Safeguarding Tomorrow’s Innovation

Not a mere trend in technological development and business growth, cybersecurity is an underlying factor that ensures innovation and prosperity. The interplay of GISEC with GITEX showcases the critical function that cyber security plays in this age of digitalization. Therefore, now more than ever, organizations require developing long-term cybersecurity strategies that span one to three years to strengthen their security stance.

As the leading cybersecurity trade show in the Middle East, Africa, and Asia, GISEC represents the region’s dedication to digital security. It is the premier showcase for cybersecurity products, innovations, and solutions. The event is also enhanced with an intense three-day conference that sees a who’s who of the global industry experts and the respected Advisory Board drawn from Dubai Electronic Security Center, Dubai Police, and Smart 1036.

It is also evident that the digital security environment evolves quickly, with numerous cybersecurity companies popping up in different places all around the Middle East and Africa. Estimates reveal that the cybersecurity market in this region will explode to about USD 13.78 billion by 2024, with a high CAGR of about 11.7%. Because governments in the Middle East and Africa pay more attention to digital transformation, they must develop an efficient cybersecurity infrastructure.

As a cornerstone event for the security sector, GISEC is one of the critical drivers of many groundbreaking cybersecurity innovations through its influence on discovering and showcasing innovative solutions. It is a distinctive forum where industry leaders, experts, and enthusiasts meet to share their knowledge and delve into new developments. The challenge will become important in solving the emerging problems of modernity’s digital age.

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