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GISEC 2024 Dubai UAE

Exhibition and conference on cybersecurity in Middle East
Date:31 May – 2 June 2024
Venue:Dubai World Trade Centre, UAE

Getting introduced to GISEC, the biggest cybersecurity expo and conference in the Middle East recognized for its magnificent scale complemented with inclusivity, is a dream come true. Today, in its seventh edition, GISEC has established itself as the largest regional cybersecurity event. With an epic following of over 8,500 cybersavvy experts who are totally into cyber security, GISEC meshes perfectly with the Future Blockchain Summit to create a spectacular shared audience exceeding more than 13k guest attendees.

The secret of GISEC’s success lies in its respected Advisory Board, which consists of eminent leaders from renowned organizations like the Dubai Digital Security Centre and others. Their vision ensures that the event continues at the cutting edge of tackling global cybersecurity issues. GISEC acts as a pole attracting key decision-makers from over 200 government agencies and large companies throughout the Middle East.

Not limited to a typical conference setting, this meeting is an unprecedented opportunity for online networking, creating a global platform that bridges knowledge bringing together different communities. Participants will face an energetic place with modern technologies, advanced solutions, and leadership guiding foresight of the cybersecurity future.

The GISEC is more than an event – it’s a dynamic platform that promotes teamwork, inspires creativity, and drives the cybersecurity field to grow. As we move ahead, GISEC is determined to lead cybersecurity on the way forward, attracting all individuals keen to maintain leadership in this dynamic profession.

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