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GSMA Mobile 360 Series MENA 2024

Conference for business leaders in MENA

25 June 2024


GSMA Mobile 360 MENA is testimony to the unwavering commitment of mobile operators, the tech sector, and governments within the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region. Their venture into futuristic technologies, including AI, blockchain, and 5G, embodies this incredible dedication. Consequently, the MENA region is fast emerging as a global focus region with remarkable transformation and earning its place as the hub to unveil future technology trends.

This notable occasion is used to celebrate MENA’s incredible achievements, involving an outstanding roster of speakers who make keynote speeches and participate in panel discussions while delivering case studies before conducting workshops, etc. These top leaders come from regional or global platforms, including operators, governments, international brands, and many economic sectors. Their convergence at the GSMA Mobile 360 MENA highlights a collective effort to investigate and crystallize the socioeconomic implications of the region’s unwavering allegiance to harnessing new technologies and becoming an agent for encouraging innovative growth.

This event brings visionary leaders from the whole Middle East and the North Africa region to discuss how new technologies like 5G, AI, blockchain, etc., can be used as a means of transformation. These technologies give the governments and operators the power to achieve extraordinary goals for this region, socioeconomic development of which would position MENA as a leader in its technological advancement on the global level. The GSMA Mobile 360 MENA conference is not just an event; it’s a dynamic forum for the key shareholders where they confluence and determine their future direction and unite forces to initiate collaborations that will pave the way into regional tech-age opportunities without precedent.

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