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IAA Human in Space Symposium 2024 Dubai UAE

The International Academy of Astronautics

11 – 14 NOVEMBER 2024


Dubai Design District


The IAA is pleased to organize its People in Space Symposium, numbered twenty-two on November eleventh till fourth, of nim sum one thousand four Ace coming up at Dubai City, United Arab Emirates. Thus, this symposium is a leading forum for exploring the key issues and latest trends surrounding space life sciences.

Indeed, this event’s core is a dedication to promoting cooperation among highly reputable professionals, scholars and connoisseurs. The symposium will act as an intellectual melting pot fostering a productive atmosphere for presenting trailblazing research results and transformative ideas that define Space Life Sciences.

Let us embark on this intellectual journey together, where we can dialogue in deeper realms beyond the limits of our planet to stretch far into outer space. In Dubai, a city renowned for its progressive outlook and innovativeness, be prepared to interact with cutting-edge technologies in the vibrant field of space life sciences.

This symposium is set to be the centre of knowledge dissemination and a catalyst for new connections and collaborations. Take advantage of this chance to associate with people with the same interest as you in discovering what lies beyond but only inside space and adding to human knowledge on how far we could go into the room.

Put it on your calendar and come to Dubai this year for the 23rd Symposium on People in Space – where curiosity meets collaboration. We can discover how space life sciences emerge. Let us advance humankind’s knowledge of space.

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