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IAOM MEA 2024 Dubai UAE

The International Association of Operative Millers

20 – 22 October 2024


Advancing the Frontiers of Grain Processing Excellence: IAOM’s Global Impact

Since its inception in 1896, the International Association of Operative Millers (IAOM) has been at the forefront of driving progress in grain processing technology on a global scale. With a history of over a century, IAOM has evolved into a dynamic organization that catalyzes innovation, collaboration, and knowledge-sharing within the wheat, cereal seed, and grain processing sectors.

At the heart of IAOM’s mission is the commitment to bringing together millers, cereal seed and grain processors, and industry professionals worldwide. The Middle East & Africa Region is a testament to IAOM’s expansive reach and influence, contributing to the organization’s overarching goal of advancing technology in grain processing.

IAOM’s global network, comprised of 16 districts spanning the globe, serves as a vital platform for professionals in the field. The organization’s commitment to fostering collaboration is evident in its dedication to creating opportunities for members to connect, share ideas, and engage in meaningful dialogue. This collaborative spirit extends beyond geographical boundaries, creating a vibrant community where individuals with diverse expertise come together to address challenges and explore innovative solutions.

A key pillar of IAOM’s success lies in its emphasis on professional development. Through myriad educational and technical opportunities, IAOM empowers its members to stay at the forefront of industry trends and advancements. Whether through conferences, workshops, or access to cutting-edge research, IAOM ensures its members are well-equipped to navigate the complexities of grain processing in an ever-evolving landscape.


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