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ISNR 2024 Dhabi UAE

National Security & Resilience Exhibition

23 September 2024

Venue:ADNEC, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Welcome to the eighth edition of the International Exhibition of National Security and Resilience (ISNR), set to unfold at the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre (ADNEC). This prestigious event stands as a cornerstone in the realm of security, serving as a dynamic platform to showcase the latest advancements in law enforcement, border control, critical infrastructure security, and event and venue security.

ISNR Abu Dhabi is more than just an exhibition; it’s a vital nexus where cutting-edge security technologies converge with best practices in resilience, prevention, and response, all aimed at ensuring and enhancing national security. Co-organized by the esteemed Ministry of Interior (MOI), this global event is a testament to the commitment of nations to fortify their security apparatus.

At ISNR Abu Dhabi, you’ll find a diverse audience eager to explore and adopt the most innovative solutions in the field of security. This includes government officials, homeland security and law enforcement professionals, buyers, experts, and international security solutions providers and manufacturers. The event provides an unparalleled networking platform, fostering connections that transcend borders and facilitating the exchange of knowledge and expertise.

ISNR Abu Dhabi is not just a showcase; it’s an immersive experience where participants delve into the latest technological breakthroughs, emerging trends, and transformative strategies in the realm of national security. Whether you are seeking state-of-the-art technologies to bolster your security infrastructure or aiming to stay abreast of global best practices, ISNR Abu Dhabi is the destination of choice.

Join us at ISNR Abu Dhabi to discover a world where innovation meets security, where resilience is a shared goal, and where the future of national security is shaped. This event is not just a meeting of minds; it’s a convergence of dedication towards safeguarding nations. Don’t miss your chance to be part of the latest advancements in national security and resilience.

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