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The 2nd edition of Jewels of Emirates Show

30 June – 3 July 2024


With challenges being met with resilience, the Expo Centre Sharjah will host the 2nd edition of ‘Jewels Of The Emirates’ from June 30 to July 3 in year two-thousand twenty-one. This is a significant turning point in the global jewelry industry against this backdrop, and as Expo Centre Sharjah enters into an initiative to change the landscape to focus on the local jewelry market,

In a situation of confusion due to recent global events, Expo Centre Sharjah is preparing itself to be a safe and active area for buyers and exhibitors. The event is planned with a lot of detail so that it preserves the pent-up demand and resurgence in the jewelry business. Visitors can freely roam the halls and stall without fear of infection since appropriate security measures were present to ensure no contagion gets through.

The Expo Centre Sharjah has successfully transformed challenges into opportunities. Against the backdrop of profound changes in the jewelry market caused by the modern pandemic, organizers have been proactive in introducing consumer series with unique orientations in local clothing markets. This tactical move supports regional jewelers and establishes the event as a reliable platform to create acquaintances and restore business.

Jewels of the Emirates 2021 show intends to act as a launchpad for homegrown jewelers, giving them an ideal opportunity to display their skills and innovations. Besides strengthening the local industry, this exhibition seeks to instill long-term hope in customers. The organizers are dedicated to providing a customized and quirky experience for every guest, ensuring each visitor has updated information regarding all options available on display.

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