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Middle East Iron 2024 Dubai UAE

Conference on iron and steel materials

14 – 17 December 2024


Prepare yourself for a revolutionary journey as the Middle East Iron & Steel Conference, which can be considered the top of the industry steel in this region, remains history again after it goes digital by 2024. Noted as the biggest annual meet, this transformation promises to deliver unprecedented exposure to developments, trends, and networking opportunities within thethe metal industry.

Emirates Metal is delighted to join this virtual extravaganza alongside us. With the nickname of a “one-stop shop for all your steel needs,” MEIS Unicoil keeps being praised as such year after year. Now, it’s transforming to make the world of steel come straight onto your screen.

What industry experts say about MEIS Unicoil:

‘The best regional networking event.
“Brings the world of steel in a conference room!”
“A great opportunity to interact with our clients in the region.”
Don’t let this exceptional digital experience pass you by while delivering the same quality and value that MEIS Unicoil is known for in terms of excellence, insights, and networking. Enjoy the new development and find out what is happening in the future of steel. Let’s write the next page in Middle Eastern steel supremacy as a team.

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