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Connecting The Stone Industry In The Region

12 – 15 September 2024

Venue:Dubai World Trade Centre, UAE

The Middle East Stone 2024 exhibition is where the magnificent skyline of Dubai sets a very riveting scene for an exquisite glimpse into the exhibits from around the world on stonecraft. This spectacle is to unveil in the center of the United Arab Emirates, an enriching event that defined where tradition and innovation meet.

Date and Venue:
The impressive stone aesthetics await you on the [Event Dates], so, watch out for this event from the Dubai World Trade Centre. This world-renowned pavilion, located in the bustling metropolis of Dubai, offers an ideal platform where one can discuss all possible uses and expressions of stone as a construction material within the contemporary architecture.

Discover Timeless Elegance:
Middle East Stone 2024 encourages the participation of stone industry professionals, architects and designers, as well as enthusiasts to experience that natural beauty of stones. This exhibition is a veritable vault of inspiration, where every piece of marble and granite or any modern composite material tells the story with all its craftsmanlike subtlety.

Highlights of the Exhibition:

Innovative Stone Solutions: Learn about the newest developments in stone technology and see how traditional materials are improving to fit into today’s modern architecture.

Global Industry Leaders: Connect with top professionals, architects and also innovators who will discuss the trends that drive innovation in the stone. Learn from the challenging seminars and also collaborative sessions.

Breathtaking Displays: Surrender yourself to the dazzling exhibitions of intricately carved sculptures, cutting-edge installations and also architectural wonders that portray stone’s versatility in myriad uses.

Networking Opportunities: Network with the global professionals, promoting collaborations and partnerships that span throughout the world. This exhibition has created a pedestal for the networking, idea sharing and also creating essential connections in the industry.


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