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North Africa South Asia's Startup 2024 UAE

Biggest Startup Event Of Middle East & South Asia's

17 – 21 October 2024

Venue:Dubai World Trade Centre, UAE

GITEX Future Stars is the ultimate startup launchpad, and welcome to this amazing place. Brace yourself to launch a roller-coaster ride that will catapult innovativeness and early-stage ventures towards unprecedented heights of success. This interactive celebration is not only an event; it’s a life-changing one that brings together creativity, technology, and unmatched networking for young entrepreneurs worldwide. The excitement is everywhere, and the many possibilities are endless!

GITEX Future Stars is the hub for startups, bringing together over 850 of the world’s most creative entrepreneurs from around ** 80 countries. It transcends many boundaries, establishing a dynamic hub fostering partnership and development. Imagine hundreds of investors – more intelligent than a bright boot and worldwide accelerators gathering to look for the next big thing. It is your opportunity to demonstrate the game-changing ideas you have in store and create ties with industry leaders who can be very instrumental.

GITEX Future Stars covers 19 tech sectors and provides each niche its place to shine. Whether you want to explore the realm of artificial intelligence, blockchain technology, health tech, or any other innovative frontier—you have a home here.
What was missed was an opportunity to charge the startup, receive insights on mentoring, and those vital links that could push your venture into another world.

This is more than just a happening; it’s the startup revolution. GITEX Future Stars is where dreams come true; innovation meets investments, and, most importantly, it is a journey to great success. The experience cuts across many borders and propels your startup to great heights.

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