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SMAP Expo 2024 Dhabi UAE

The Moroccan Real Estate and Lifestyle Show in Dubaï

30 November – 02 December 2024

Venue:Abu Dhabi, UAE

SMAP Group: Leading Morocco in the Event Technology and Innovation

In Morocco, SMAP Group is the undisputed leader in event technology and has remained a pioneer of innovation; hence, it carved out its niche with two pillars – “SMAP EXPO” & “SMAP IMMO.” This quickly became widely accepted by the exhibitors, media people, and attendees.

One of the critical elements behind SMAP Group’s success story is “SMAP EXPO,” its annual event that has been helping create contacts between the Moroccan diaspora and their friends in France since 1997. This innovative exhibition displays various critical industries within the Kingdom, such as industry, real estate, tourism culture, and living arts. For over three decades, the SMAP Group has served as a vital channel for interactions outside Morocco, extending its influence in France and E. The SMAP Group has enabled modern interaction between Morocco and the EU by arranging coherent events involving tens of thousands of participants. While reinforced by Morocco’s many partners and the Morrocan solid diaspora community of 5.2 million, these events have their moment in social media feeders and international press circles.

“SMAP IMMO” is a sample of works done by the SMAP Group in organizing cultural, economic, or industrial conferences. The group has sustainably succeeded owing to its determination to quality, not only in the design but also in delivery, and a vast non-governmental organization with a presence across institutional, public, and private spheres. Focusing on long-term priorities, oriented to general information and convenience, SMAP Group does not stop there – they aid the exhibitors further to support relations with media more effectively. The main goal is still the development of new events held in the premium venues.

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