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SOGAT 2024 Abu Dhabi UAE

International Conference and Exhibition for natural gas and oil

29 – 30 September 2024

Venue:Abu Dhabi, UAE

In the course of post-pandemic challenges, which have been brought about by Covid19 pandemic that still persists to this day, the Gas and Oil industry has had a unique remit in terms of extracting commercial values from new projects. This battle is further amplified by the stronger efforts aimed at ensuring sufficient gas flow to achieve self-sufficiency goals, which are of key importance for the UAE.

These facts, therefore dictate that the pursuit of active partaking in SOGAT 2024 as a viable path towards addressing both professional and also business development concerns. The organizers of the conference have quickly responded to the new times associated with self-isolation and remote working. Having perfectly blended the vital elements of the occasion into virtual online sessions, they have guaranteed that industry experts can benefit from illuminating perspectives; moreover, these professionals will also be able to participate in fundamental networking activities.

The SOGAT 2024 does not only provide the basis on how to maneuver the pandemic crisis but also serves as a window for industry players to stay updated with new trends, changes, breakthroughs and strategies in Gas and Oil industries. The virtual format assures that the participants can interact with thought leaders, experts, and also their peers from remote work locations.

In the face of this global health crisis, SOGAT 2024 serves as a symbol and representation of resilience in the adaptability within Gas and Oil industry. It provides an avenue whereby the professionals can interact, share their ideas and map out their way to sustainable progress in the new order. In the midst of the ongoing challenges brought by the Covid-19 pandemic, this Gas and Oil industry has been subjected to unprecedented pressures as it tries its best logic on how commercial value could be extracted from their new projects.

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