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VIV MEA 2024 Dhabi UAE

International Trade Show From Feed To Food

23 – 25 November 2024

Venue:Abu Dhabi, UAE

Thank you for your continued support and understanding in such challenging times. Given the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and its worldwide challenges, we have taken a responsible path of postponing the VIV MEA event that was supposed to last from August 30th – to September 2nd this year in order not to miss out on our audience.

The new VIV MEA 2021 postponed dates are now set for November 23rd to 25th in Abu Dhabi at ADNEC modern facilities. This rescheduled event aims to create a niche space for industry professionals to connect with leading world agriculture and food trade suppliers while generating valuable networking opportunities and establishing fruitful cooperation.

In the meantime, we also invite all stakeholders in this field to initiate online exchanges within VIV’s worldwide community through www.viv-net 24/7. This digital platform provides a sophisticated space for constant collaboration and data exchange, ensuring that the entire market is constantly in touch with each other no matter what difficulties accompany this new global situation.

While the decision to postpone VIV MEA was not taken whimsically, it followed our mission of providing solid and valuable events for this esteemed sector while maintaining its participants’ safety. In our view, rescheduling to November 2024 allows us to get a more favorable and comprehensive setting for communication aimed at fruitful conversations and business arrangements.

Thank you for your patience and understanding during these unprecedented times. We remain wholly committed to offering a leading stage for industry development and are glad you will be involved in VIV MEA 2021. With unity, we will conquer the challenges and become more vital in developing innovation in the agricultural food sectors.

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