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WT Middle East 2024 Dubai UAE

International Tobacco Industry Expo

24 – 25 May 2024

Venue:Dubai World Trade Centre, UAE

Dubai World Trade Centre Reveals Dates of the Upcoming Version of World Tobacco Middle East for Year 2024

As a result of the challenges provided by the global COVID-19 pandemic today, the Dubai World Trade Center has decided to postpone the hugely popular World Tobacco Middle East event. First scheduled for the fourth quarter of 2019, this event will run from May 2 to May 25 in Dubai World Trade Center.

All existing reservations, bookings, guest arrangements, and those eager to dive into the content tours are also excited that all will be carried over seamlessly to the new dates. The organizers want to ensure a seamless transition, respecting the originality of the event experience.

World Tobacco Middle East will be a vibrant event with over 300 global providers participating and an exhibition space with significant square footage. It will also feature a complimentary summit, providing valuable discussions and information from within the tobacco industry. The purpose of this rescheduled event is to act as a primary point where thousands of experts in the industry gather from around the world, develop their networks, work together, and promote business linkages.

Put a cross on the calendar between May 2 and May 25 of Year 134, as World Tobacco Middle East has it all for those interested in or associated with tobacco. The Dubai World Trade Centre will be glad to host the participants of this remarkable event promoting innovation, cooperation, and knowledge exchange in the changing international world.

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