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Horeca Exhibitions Kuwait 2025

The Region's Premier Trade, Proffessional And Custom Events

28 Oct – 30 Oct 2024

Venue:Kuwait city, Kuwait
Horeca Exhibition 2025

Get your position among hotel and restaurant industry elites by participating in Horeca Kuwait 2025, a leading event for SMEs in the hotel, restaurant, and coffeehouse sector. Over the period from January 15th to 17th, 2025, the event will take place in Hall 8 at the Kuwait International Fair Ground with the participation of attendees from different parts of the world.

Horeca Expo is the event that was founded in 1994 in Lebanon and has grown into an internationally recognized event reaching out to Saudi Arabia, Jordan and now Kuwait. The increase in participation underlines the importance of the service industry trade show.

Grab a hold of the opportunity to network with the very best in the hospitality industry and leverage your business by connecting with key players in the industry. Position your booth with the know-how of local professionals in Kuwait, thus successfully displaying your products and services and building a positive long-term relationship with your clients and collaborators.

This is an exclusive chance to showcase, network, and stay informed about the leadings in the hospitality sector’s fast-paced environment by brand. Boost your sales and build everlasting relationships and business growth as part of the Horeca Kuwait 2025 event.

Key Points and Benefits of Horeca Expo 2025 Kuwait City, Kuwait

  1. Come and experience the peak of hospitality mastery at the Horeca Expo 2024 in Kuwait City. This marketing event is the best platform to present the finest hospitality products and services and attract buyers who are professionals in this industry.
  2. Transcend into the Caculinary Arts Showpiece, where top chefs showcase their cooking skills, producing artistic pieces that enchant their guests and take the art of cooking to a superior position.
  3. Fostering priceless industry partnerships offers a gateway to the marketplace, as it brings together the hospitality, food service, and beverage players. Create opportunities for exchange with professionals such as mixologists, restaurateurs, distributors, chefs, industry leaders, and producers, deepening relationships beyond boundaries.
  4. Take part in a genuine worldwide event, which will gladly gather over 18,000 trade visitors worldwide. The Horeca Expo in Kuwait, which will be held in 2024, is an international melting pot where industry professionals are welcome to engage in business partnerships and collaborations.
  5. Don’t miss a chance to be ahead of the market in the hospitality business; ask to find out the latest news and solutions. Live cooking demonstrations that present the abilities and the modern inventiveness of culinary leaders from all over the world are what visitors can experience.
  6. Register for smart panel discussions where the industry experts will provide their experience with emerging trends. Horeca Expo 2024 in Kuwait offer a vibrant forum for sharing knowledge and establishing networking.
  7. Step into the familiar and relaxed environment of professionals who can engage, exchange knowledge, and venture into new business deals. Come to the Horeca Expo 2024 for a chance to be part of our buzzing society that celebrates the highest in hospitality.
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