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Project Qatar Expo 2024

The Region's Premier Trade, Proffessional And Custom Events

27–30  May 2024

Venue:Doha, Qatar
Project Qatar Expo 2024

Meet the exciting Project Qatar 2024 – the widely anticipated international construction technology and advanced building materials event in Doha. Being hosted from May 27 to May 30, 2024, the event is meant to serve as a guideline to today’s world’s market leaders, top buyers and today.
An amazing opportunity that comes with a visit to Project Qatar 2024 is the chance to be immersed in the latest in technology and see the latest equipment in your hands. This year’s anniversary, the event in Doha will be a powerhouse – gathering the industry and market actors with great trading capacities.
In this edition, Project Qatar is a unifying platform that brings together investors, retailers and other key players in Qatar. The sturdy and vibrant building industry will also be showcased but will offer unique opportunities to participants to tour, interact and complement their efforts on the international plane.

The focus of Project Qatar 2024 is mainly on the generation of equipment and technologies in the construction sector. This event is a one-of-a-kind chance for attendees to appreciate developments in the area, cut global relations and forge new business partnerships. The exhibition serves as a magnet, bringing significant companies from across the globe to the city, bringing together industry experts with top-level decision-makers, and opening the way for substantial business deals and collaborations.
Welcome to Project Qatar 2024, where we create the platform where innovation, collaboration and business excellence will converge to shape the construction industry’s future. Here is your entry into the vibrant ecosystem to innovate with pathbreaking limbs of technology and to build global connections that will lead the industry.

Benefits of Participating in Project Qatar 2024 Doha

  1. Networking Opportunities: Engage with over 300 industry exhibitors, creating a valuable platform to connect, collaborate, and exchange ideas. This event is a dynamic space to build a robust professional network beyond borders.
  2. Innovative Learning: Immerse yourself about innovations in construction technology and building materials. With a diverse array of exhibitors, Project Qatar 2024 provides a unique opportunity to stay informed about the latest trends and advancements shaping the industry.
  3. Exposure to Diverse Audiences: With a trade show booth builder in Qatar, you can craft an eye-catching exhibit that attracts more than 18,000 visitors. These attendees represent various sectors within the industry, offering an unparalleled chance to showcase your products, services, and innovations to a wide and diverse audience.
  4. International Reach: Project Qatar 2024 goes beyond local boundaries, drawing visitors from more than 31 countries. This global participation provides a unique chance to interact with professionals and decision-makers from different cultural and business backgrounds, fostering international collaborations and partnerships.
  5. Market Expansion: The exposure gained from participating in this expo can open doors to new markets. By connecting with visitors and exhibitors from different countries, you can explore potential business expansion and tap into emerging markets.
  6. Brand Visibility: A well-designed exhibit attracts visitors and enhances your brand visibility. Project Qatar 2024 offers a high-traffic platform for your brand to stand out, leaving a lasting impression on industry stakeholders and potential clients.
  7. Knowledge Sharing: Beyond the exhibit hall, the event provides forums for seminars, workshops, and discussions. Participate in these knowledge-sharing sessions to gain insights, exchange ideas with industry experts, and stay abreast of the latest industry best practices.
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