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CPHI Middle East

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10 Dec – 12 Dec 2024

Venue:Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
cphi middle east 2024

Take a look at the latest developments in the field of pharmaceutical manufacturing at the upcoming CPHI Middle East 2024, which is slated to kick off from 10 December to 12 December in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. The Vanguard trade show, which takes place at the Riyadh Front Exhibition & Convention Center for industry members, is also a platform for the participants to find innovations in the pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical production supply chain.

‘CPHI Middle East’ is a trailblazer for matching pharmaceutical equipment and service suppliers with their target buyers. No matter whether you want to grow the number of your customers or develop a relationship with the present ones, the international exhibition will open up unlimited possibilities for you on a global scale.

For those striving to make a difference, think of collaborating with the leading exhibition stand builders in Riyadh to leave a lasting imprint. Gain market visibility through effective interactions with the pharmaceutical industry stakeholders. We are here for you today for a quotation and more information. Utilize the opportunity to drive the future trends of biologics and pharmaceuticals, which will take place at CPHI Middle East 2024. Lose this opportunity to be on top of the time.

Exhibiting at CPHI Middle East Riyadh 2024 offers numerous advantages for pharmaceutical industry players:

  1. Gain Global Exposure: Participate in a melting pot of different nationalities represented by more than 45,000 visitors from 150-plus countries. Explore the possibility of internationalizing your business.
  2. Network with industry leaders: Connect to potential clients and drug industry players—partner with others to test out possibilities.
  3. Showcase Your Innovations: If you want to engage industry leaders, exhibit your manufacturing and packaging skills. Experience the exposure through 2500+ event leaders.
  4. Stay Informed on Market Trends: Attend over 100 industry seminars to understand the current market trends as well as the latest technologies that shape the pharmaceutical industry.
  5. Enhance Your Knowledge: Attend seminars and sessions about the latest manufacturing and packaging revolution. Stay competitive by ensuring that all shifts in the market and technological developments are looked after.

Participating in CPHI Middle East Riyad 2024 is an outstanding benefit, including international exposure, networking possibilities, expanding innovations, and grasping the pharmaceutical market direction.


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