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Exhibition stands are the first thing visitors will see and notice. Using well-designed exhibits can help your company attract more traffic and increase brand recall value. One company that has been in the business of building exhibition stands for over 25 years is Expo Display Service. The company has experience working with both local and international clients to build custom exhibition stands. They can also build temporary displays and modular booths for small businesses. The following information will help you find the best exhibition stand builders in Coruna, Spain.

A company that builds individual exhibition stands can ensure your booth stands out from the crowd. These stands can be made of different materials, including wood and steel, or be very unusual. Individual stands can be custom-designed to be unique, giving designers and graphic designers a blank canvas to work with. Furthermore, these stands can be as simple or as complex as you like, making them a popular option. However, you should be aware that there are some disadvantages to individual stands, so it is important to talk to an expert in the industry before making a final decision.


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Stands Bay LLC company Exhibition stand builders in Coruna can help you achieve a number of goals at an exhibition or trade show. They provide a full range of event services from custom build exhibition stands to shell scheme hires and even social distancing solutions. The company’s expertise spans across the whole exhibition industry, including re-usable, portable, and modular stands. Its services extend to all aspects of trade show production, including stand construction, project management, and installation.

Individual exhibition stands can be more striking than the system stands. Non-systemic stands can achieve any design you want and are often more complex than their system counterparts. They also allow you to incorporate any type of additional equipment you desire. An example of an individual stand might be a unique, elaborate sculpture. This option is common among companies that have the resources to hire an individual exhibition stand builders. This type of stand offers a wide range of customisation options and is ideal for creative and branded companies.

Expo stand services is a European exhibition stand builder with experience in the field. They have worked with numerous local and international clients and understand how to make a stand that attracts the right attention. Their services are designed to maximize your brand recall value and increase your ROI. The team at Expo Display Service is highly experienced and is dedicated to providing quality design and construction. They have years of experience and have built countless exhibition stands for local and international clients.

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Whether you need a stand built for your next trade show in Coruna or you are planning to exhibit at a large international event, you can hire an exhibition stand builder in Coruna who can help you achieve your goals. During the exhibition, a properly designed stand will attract more visitors and increase your brand recall value. Expo Display Service has been a leading exhibition stand builder in Europe for over fifteen years. They have worked with a number of international and local clients to build high-quality stands.

Individual stands come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Compared to the system stands, non-systemic stands give designers and graphic designers more freedom to work with their creative visions. A non-systemic stand can be any shape and size and is often more visually interesting than a system. Companies with the resources to build an individual stand often opt for it. They know that this approach is cost-effective.

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If you are attending an exhibition, the construction of your stand is of utmost importance. It will be the first thing your visitors will notice. With an eye-catching stand, you will be able to draw a larger crowd and increase your brand recall value. If you need assistance in building a stall, you can contact Expo Display Service, an exhibition stand builder in Coruna with years of experience in construction. They have worked with several local and international clients.

The main function of the exhibition stand is to attract and inspire visitors. This can be accomplished by using wood-similar panels or plywood. It can also be constructed out of other materials such as glass or metal. It is important to remember that your exhibition stand is the main building block, which can easily be made from wood-similar panels. Using wood-like materials is also a good idea. Moreover, the materials used for the construction are durable.

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If you’re looking for a reliable company to build a custom exhibition stand for you, then you should look no further than Skyline White Space. This company specializes in custom modular stands, full exhibition production, and social distancing solutions. In addition, they offer installation services and project management. They also provide custom modular stands for both small pop-up stores and large exhibition stands. The company operates throughout Europe, including the United Kingdom.

For international exhibitors, Stands Bay LLC offers a reliable service that will make the whole process as easy as possible. They work with you from the very early stages of the design process, right through to delivery and storage. Unlike most companies, they understand the importance of your exhibition and will deliver the best possible product for the best possible price. They are also experts in event management and can handle any number of challenges that come your way.


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A reputable Exhibition booth builder in Coruna will always make sure your business exhibit looks its best. Not only that, but an experienced trade show display builder will also provide you with a quote, which includes the cost of the stand and the delivery and installation of the exhibit. Choosing the best company will depend on the size, and style of your exhibition, as well as the amount of time you have to dedicate to the project.

The trade show industry has been through a rough patch in the last few years, as a number of large events were canceled or postponed. While this has affected many businesses, the industry has changed in response. Live events are now the most effective way to promote your business in 2022. Here is a list of some of the best companies to work with: