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A local, custom exhibition stand design company in Dortmund can create the perfect display to make your presence known at the trade show. The city of Dortmund is one of the largest in Germany and has become a global hub for trade shows and exhibitions. As such, it provides an excellent platform for international brands to gain exposure and a wider market. Among the diverse trade communities, the city provides exceptional value for its exhibitors. Custom exhibition stands designed locally are essential to making the most of this opportunity.

In Dortmund, four trade fair companies have already kicked off the trade fair season. The exhibition centers in Dortmund, Dusseldorf, Essen, and Cologne will host 153 trade fairs and congresses in May, contributing to the local economy. Together, they represent more than 963,000 square meters of exhibition space, making the city of Dortmund one of the largest in the world. For exhibitors, a custom exhibition stand in Dortmund can make all the difference.

For those looking for a custom exhibition stand, Xpostands provides a turnkey solution for your display. This German city is a popular trade show venue, and many brands from different industrial backgrounds are represented there. Xpostands can create a bespoke display for your event, or simply provide you with a basic model. No matter what size or style your company needs, a custom exhibition stand can increase your brand’s visibility and improve the bottom line.


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The city of Dortmund is one of Germany’s most important trade fair destinations. With its many expos and trade shows, it is often the place where the big brands from different industries get together to promote their wares. Aside from that, it’s also the site of one of the largest exhibition centers in Germany, the Halls of Westphalia. Many of these fairs are open to consumers, including Jagd & Hund, the largest event in the city, Intermodelbau (the world’s largest consumer model-making fair), YOU (the leading youth culture-fair), and D.I.M. (the German property fair).

When you’re planning to exhibit in Dortmund, you’ll want to consider hiring exhibition stand builders. These professionals are local and can design a stand that suits your exact specifications. In addition, you can post your specifications and requirements on the Expostandzone website, which will then compare them to the options available in the area. This way, you can rest assured that you’ll get the best possible stand builder for your business.

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If you are looking for a trade show stand builder in Dortmund, then look no further! Xpostands offers turnkey exhibition stand solutions for companies in the Dortmund region. The city attracts a wide range of brands from a range of industrial backgrounds. In addition to offering turnkey solutions, this company can also deliver high-quality modular stands. Besides being experts in trade show installations, they also offer catering services and hostess services to promoters and exhibitors.

You can find many exhibition stand builders in Dortmund by using an online directory. Expostandzone is a trade show directory and allows exhibitors to post their requirements and specifications in order to receive a list of local exhibition stand builders. These companies are capable of handling all aspects of exhibition stand design and construction, from design to fabrication. They also offer complementary services and engagement tools to maximize the impact of your exhibition stand. To make your stand building experience a pleasant one, start with a review of the different exhibition stand builders in Dortmund.

While the competition is fierce, it is crucial to choose the right partner for your exhibition. Dortmund has an excellent reputation in the exhibition industry. It is home to the Halls of Westphalia, one of the largest exhibition centers in Germany. The Halls of Westphalia house many important consumer events, including Jagd & Hund, the world’s largest model-making consumer fair, and YOU, a leading youth culture event. Other major events in Dortmund include D.I.M. (German property fair), Creativa, Hobby, and InterTabac.

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An exhibition stand builder in Dortmund can help you create an impressive display at a trade show in Germany. Dortmund is one of the largest cities in the Ruhr region, the largest urban region in Germany. The halls of Westphalia are one of the nation’s top twelve exhibition centers, and they hold numerous important exhibitions for both companies and consumers. Notable events hosted in the city include Jagd & Hund, the largest dog event in the world, Intermodelbau, the largest consumer model making trade show in the world, and YOU, a leading youth culture fair. There are many other important fairs held in Dortmund, including D.I.M. (German property fair), Creativa (Hobby), and InterTabac.

In addition to offering exhibition stand design and fabrication, a good exhibition builder will be able to provide a complete service to help businesses maximize their exposure at trade shows. A database of exhibition contractors in Dortmund can help you finalize your stand design and fabrication. In addition to contacting individual exhibition contractors, you can also mention specific needs directly to their customer service representatives. By doing so, you will have the chance to negotiate your requirements with them and achieve the perfect stand for your business. Moreover, by using the stand builder’s database, you can easily discuss with them about the budget, design types, engagement tools, and complementary services.

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If you are planning to exhibit at a trade show in Dortmund, then you should go for the services of a professional exhibition stand builder. The service provider should possess artistic skills as well as a good knowledge of the industry. Modern exhibition stands require solid craftsmanship and the talents of specialists to build them. A custom-made booth must reflect the brand identity and the ambiance of the trade show or fair to make an impression. A tailor-made booth can be a successful self-portrait of your company.

You can also find a local exhibition stand construction company in Dortmund through Expostandzone. Expostandzone is an online exhibition platform where you can post your requirements and specifications to find local contractors. The system will then analyze these requirements and suggest a suitable contractor. There are many exhibition stand builders in Dortmund and choosing the right one depends on your budget and specifications. A quality exhibition stand will attract more visitors and get your business recognized.

Apart from designing the booth and providing the materials, a good exhibition stand builder will also provide services like installation and management. The services of an exhibition stand builder in Dortmund will ensure that the entire process is as smooth as possible for you. From designing the booth to installing the graphics, these experts will ensure that your trade show stands are perfect for the purpose. Furthermore, you can also choose to get them installed at the venue for your trade show.


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For a successful trade fair exhibition, you need an exhibition stand builder in Dortmund who can provide a comprehensive turnkey solution. The city of Dortmund hosts a wide variety of trade-fair events that draw brands from a variety of industrial backgrounds. Xpostands provides turnkey solutions for exhibition stands in Dortmund. Here, you’ll find a large selection of exhibition stand builders in Dortmund. From a single large exhibition stand to a multi-storey building, you’re sure to find the perfect one for your company.

Expostandzone is another resource for finding an exhibition stand builder in Dortmund. This online portal provides a directory of local exhibition stand builders in Dortmund. All you have to do is post your specifications and requirements and Expostandzone will analyze it for you. Once you’ve found the best company, all you have to do is choose one. In Dortmund, the top exhibition stand builders are able to provide a high level of customer service.

The exhibition halls in Dortmund are home to some of the most popular trade fairs in Germany. This is because the city’s reputation in the exhibition business makes it a desirable place to conduct business. These events often attract investors and offer excellent returns on investment. Furthermore, a wide range of expos in Dortmund have many benefits for both the exhibitors and the onlookers. Exhibitors can gain valuable customer feedback and learn from the event’s organizers.