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Leading Emiratisation 2024 UAE

The Leading Emiratisation and Career Development Event

27 – 29 October 2024

Venue:Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Center, UAE

Unlocking the Potential of Emirati Talent: Elevate Your Brand through Tawdheef

Uncover the endless possibilities for your brand at Tawdheef as you enter into the lucrative UAE market and access this country’s deep pool of Emirati job seekers. Here’s a strategic approach to maximize the benefits of your participation:

1. Foster Brand Awareness:

Utilize Tawdheef’s effective platform to exhibit your brand and to ensure long-term recognition among Emirati job seekers. Smoothly convey your organization’s value, culture, and many opportunities throughout the event without incurring additional charges.

2. Expand Your Professional Network:

Interact with the leading HR professionals at the three-day event and form valuable relationships to bolster your brand’s growth. Establishing a vital network with the leaders in your industry can lead to many new opportunities, partnerships, and collaborations that allow you both business relations and personal.

3. Cost-Effective Advertising:

Within your budget, attain measurable marketing objectives using Tawdheef’s all-inclusive package. Take advantage of digital media advertising and social content promotion that covers 365 days, so you know your brand gets the maximum exposure to the right audience daily. Increase your ROI by using targeting and also economical advertising.

4. Support Abu Dhabi’s Economic Vision 2030:

Adjust to how Abu Dhabi’s economy could grow by investing in a capable local labor force. The Jobs@Tawdheef portal is a door that opens onto the reservoir with highly qualified specialists who are ready to participate in the UAE market’s development and prosperity. Your engagement is very beneficial for your organization and contributes significantly to the broader economic vision.

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