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Pharmaceutical & Technology 2024 Dubai UAE

International Pharmaceutical & Technologies Exhibition

05 – 07 April 2024

Venue:International Convention & Exhibition Centre, Dubai, UAE

DUPHAT has continued to pass down the legacy of excellence by evolving into an international premier event for professionals from all turfs, including pharmacists, people working in the pharma industry, marketing experts, researchers, professors, scientists, clinicians, students, and other healthcare personnel Pharmaceutical & Technological Innovation 2024 Dubai UAE.

The Pharmaceutical & Technological Innovation 2024 scientific program includes diverse events intended to promote knowledge sharing and capacity building. Through the Pharmacy Workshops and Managerial Skills Training, delegates will gain an understanding of cutting-edge knowledge that will keep them up to date on new trends or technologies in their field. The ongoing scientific showcases will offer a vibrant forum for demonstrating innovative research and relevant applications.

The Professional Student and Faculty Poster Sessions will take place at the event, providing a venue for academic discourse. University-level poster contests and a few oral presentation competitions will allow the students to display their work to further the ideal of excellence in research.

The Pharmaceutical Systems Exhibition will demonstrate the newest technological developments from major international pharmacological corporations of this region, reflecting achievements made by automation robotics specialty services and an overall improvement in the quality of pharmaceuticals. This exhibition is the nerve center of industry leaders’ networking and cooperation, stimulating pharmaceutical innovation.
Adopting the success of previous products, Pharmaceutical & Technological Innovation 2024 Dubai UAE is a forecast that will mark its presence in international exhibitions. The speakers and experts from the USA, UK, Australia, Europe, Canada, and Japan Middle East will reveal their insights during the intensive 3-day program. Topics discussed will range from pharmacy practice, which includes drug quality and safety; medication management as well as rehabilitation together with shortages of drugs; governance education; and continuous professional development followed by best practices.

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