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The Global Franchise Market 2024 Dubai UAE

Driving Brands to MENA

15 – 16 November 2024

Venue:Dubai International Convention & Exhibition centre

The International Franchise Market is a premier event for the world of franchising; welcome! We have this unique platform that has been customized not just to meet the needs of small enterprises hungry for global spread through franchising but also established SMEs and experienced franchisors.

The International Franchise Market is an event where you will find your chance to make contact with a wide variety of national, international, and local franchisers. ​ If you are a new franchise owner or an experienced entrepreneur, this event provides space for networking and developing solid contacts. Consult with seasoned consultants, look for breakthrough suppliers and contact service providers who can facilitate your franchising experience.

This cooperation between top franchising figures and respected event organizers guarantees that The International Franchise Market will provide dynamic exposure for both exhibits grouping entertainments. This is not a conventional exhibition; it’s an immersive journey through the world of franchising, with countless possibilities simply waiting to be found.

Join our meeting to learn how franchising can be a chance to hear industry professionals’ thoughts and benefit from opportunities that will boost your business. The future of franchising is revealed in the International Franchise Market – join us there!

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