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The Stands Bay company Exhibition stand builders in Guangzhou has extensive experience in the industry and has completed countless projects for the pharmaceutical industry. This experience has allowed the company to build and install countless exhibition stands and has helped to establish its reputation among the leading pharmaceutical companies in the world. They have even helped build the Russian Pavilion, which featured a unique castle-like design with 12 towers and a central 15-metre building. The pavilion was a huge success, setting a new daily visitor record.

Aside from a high-quality stand, Stands Bay also offers a range of design and fabrication options. These can include anything from furniture to decorative lighting, carpet, and wallpaper. They also provide a range of building materials and can help you create an exhibition stand that perfectly showcases your brand. They can build a customized stand for you that will make a lasting impression.


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The Stands Bay company is the official Exhibition stand builder in Shanghai. They have completed numerous projects for the pharmaceutical industry and are experts in building and installing exhibition stands. The company has extensive experience in building and installing exhibition stands, and was responsible for the Russian Pavilion, which set a new record for daily visitors. The company also builds and installs exhibition stands for other industries, including food and beverage, electronics, and textiles.

The company’s experience in the exhibition business has earned it a reputation for excellent quality and customer service. They provide a full range of exhibition booth design and construction services, including the design and layout of exhibition halls. The company offers flexible designs to meet the business needs of their clients. Their professional and friendly staff is well-trained in the industry and will be happy to assist you with any questions you may have.

Exhibition Stand Builders In Guangzhou

As an official Exhibition stand builder in Shanghai, Stands Bay company has extensive experience in the industry. The company has completed numerous projects in the pharmaceutical industry and is experienced in designing and building exhibition stands. In fact, it has also been the official Exhibition stand builder for the Russian pavilion in Shanghai. This exhibition was based on a castle-like design with 12 towers and a central 15-metre building. This exhibition stand was the most visited pavilion at the 2010 Expo, setting a record number of visitors each day.

The team of exhibition stand builders at Stands Bay offers clients continuity and an unwavering attention to detail. In short, they help clients take control of the entire process and focus on what they do best. Ultimately, they ensure their clients get the most out of their investment. To find out more about how Stands Bay can help you, contact us today. Our team of professionals will be happy to discuss your requirements.

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The most important thing when choosing a custom trade show display is the type of exhibition booth you will use. The design of your display should be as unique as your company and should be able to stand out among the rest of the competitors. For this reason, Stands Bay Company Exhibition Booth Builders in Guangzhou are highly recommended. They can create any kind of exhibition stand that you need for the Stands Bay.

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Stands Bay Company is one of the official Exhibition stand builders in Shanghai and has successfully completed projects for the pharmaceutical industry. They are experienced in all aspects of exhibition stand design and installation. The company has also been involved in the construction of the Russian pavilion, which is an architectural landmark with twelve towers and a 15-metre-high central building. This pavilion broke many records, including daily visitors.

Their design capabilities are vast and incredibly versatile. They have extensive experience in the exhibition industry, having worked with clients all over the world. They have in-house manufacturing and printing facilities to ensure that your stand is delivered in a timely manner in China. With a range of design and fabrication options, you can rest assured that your booth will meet all your needs and impress your target audience.


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As the official Exhibition stand builders in Shanghai the Stands Bay company has undertaken countless projects for the pharmaceutical industry. With its extensive experience in the field, the Stands Bay company has managed to establish itself as one of the leading firms in the world. The company recently built the Russian Pavilion, an architectural landmark with 12 towers and a central 15-metre building. The stand broke many records for daily visitors, including one for the largest number of people attending any exhibition in Shanghai.

The Stands Bay Company’s exhibition stand builders in Guangzhou have been in business for over ten years. It has a wide range of experience in exhibition stand design and has served clients from all over the world. Their services include exhibition stand design, and layout, as well as booth construction and installation. The company offers a variety of options to meet the specific requirements of businesses of any size.

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Stands Bay company is the official Exhibition stand builder of Shanghai. With its years of experience in the industry, the company has completed countless pharmaceutical projects. Not only are they skilled in building exhibition stands, but they are also experienced in installing them. They are responsible for the Russian Pavilion, which had twelve towers and a central building that were 15 meters high. This Russian Pavilion set records for the number of visitors it received on a daily basis.

The team at Stands Bay provides continuity in personnel and a keen eye for detail. This ensures that the end result is a high-quality exhibition stand for every client. Clients also enjoy the flexibility of choosing the layout, which allows them to switch up the display based on the exhibition hall and their product range. Ultimately, they help their clients maximize their return on investment.

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The Stands Bay Company is a reliable exhibition stand builder in Guangzhou with more than 10 years of industry experience. With its headquarters in Shanghai, the company has worked with many international companies and exhibitions and provides high-quality workmanship. It also offers a range of custom design services. Regardless of the size of your booth, the Stands Bay Company is sure to meet your needs.

The company offers stand construction and design services for clients in all cities in China. Whether you are looking for a traditional exhibition booth or a modern and innovative design for a new business venture, the company will provide you with a stand that is suitable for your needs. The firm offers the services of a professional stand builder in Guangzhou and across China.

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