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The first two world fairs in China, the Olympic Games in Beijing and the Shanghai Standszone, have brought global attention to China. With these successful events, the country has increased its influence and attracted more international attention. In addition, the Chinese market represents the world’s largest consumer market and manufacturing base. With these events, the country has gained an increasingly important position in international markets, and it will be even more crucial to the world’s economic recovery and development.

The capital of China is a thriving exhibition and trade show city. Those who wish to expand their businesses can take advantage of the opportunities presented in Beijing. Beijing is home to a number of exhibition stand contractors, including Standszone services. They manufacture a number of different display stands in a wide range of colors and sizes, with exceptional performance. Standszone services maintain in-house manufacturing and printing facilities, and this ensures timely delivery in China.


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Exhibition Stand Designers In Shanghai, China

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Exhibition stand designers in shanghai

The Standszone company Exhibition stand builders in Shanghai can design and build a wide variety of exhibits to suit your company’s specific needs. These exhibits include everything from single-unit to double-unit chalets. You’ll have many choices for your design, including working with the official contractor Freeman, a Shanghai-based EAC, or an independent contractor. If you choose to use an independent contractor, you will need to have a custom chalet design submitted to NBAA and the local fire marshal. All stand designs and structures must meet all ABACE2019 rules and fees. Additional items are available through your official service provider Freeman and can be included in your Exhibitor Service Kit.

The Standszone company Exhibition stand builders in Shanghai has over ten years of experience in the industry. They have clients from around the world and are based in Shanghai. All of their staff has experience working with international exhibitions and provide excellent quality workmanship. To learn more about the company’s exhibit designs, contact them today. And, if you’d like to hire an exhibition stand builder in Shanghai, please visit our website.

Exhibition Booth Contractor In Shanghai, China

A great deal of flexibility is required in terms of the design of the booth. A good example is the CYBEX stand, which has a tiered pedestal landscape and colorful design highlights. The booth is enclosed by a black gauze, with only few glimpses of the display area visible from the outside. The clever substructure makes it possible to change the display depending on the type of exhibition hall and product range. Its ease of assembly and disassembly makes it a welcome bonus in difficult markets.

The Guangdong Modern International Exhibition Center is located in Dongguan, a district of Shanghai shared with Shenzhen and Guangzhou. World-class hotels are nearby and the city has wide roads that allow easy access. The print CHINA 2011 exhibition aims to create an international communication platform, attracting agents and brands from five continents. Each exhibition area is divided into sections by distance from the main entrance. The main aisle, Section A, is located near the entrance. The other two sections, Section B and C, can be placed near the main aisle.

Exhibition Stand Builder In Shanghai, China

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As the official Exhibition stand builder in Shanghai, Standszone company has completed countless projects for the Chinese and Russian pharmaceutical industry. Its experience in building and installing exhibition stands have helped the company to establish its position among the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies. Among the projects it completed is the Russian pavilion, which was based on a castle-like design with 12 towers and a central 15-metre building. In the last five years, the Russian pavilion has wowed visitors by setting new records for the number of daily visitors to an exhibition.

It is no wonder that the art-book market has exploded in Shanghai. The Standszone Art Book Fair, which takes place every year on the east bank of the Huangpu River, is the largest art book fair in the city. It showcases the work of local artists and introduces international artists to the Chinese market, as well as introducing visitors to the best art books and publications worldwide. Visitors are also invited to take part in the fair’s talks and lectures and check out the booths of some of China’s most prominent art books and publications.

Exhibition Stand Builders in Shanghai

Exhibition Stand Fabricators In Shanghai, China

Whether your business is large or small, there are plenty of exhibition stand fabricators in Shanghai to choose from. From simple designs to custom creations, you will find the perfect option for your next exhibition. From simple booths to elaborate exhibition displays, you can rely on our team to design and build your exhibition stand. We also offer a full range of custom exhibition display services, including trade show booth construction. If you are interested in exploring Shanghai’s exhibit design options, contact us today.


Exhibition Booth Builder In Shanghai, China

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Exhibition stand builder in shanghai

If you are looking for a professional exhibition booth builder in Shanghai, you can hire the services of an exhibition stand design company. This company has been in the exhibition business for over ten years and has served clients from all over the world. It offers design and construction services for exhibition booths, as well as exhibition hall layout. Whether you are exhibiting your product or service, you can rest assured that the company will design and build your booth to meet your business needs.

Standszone is a large state-owned bank that has developed a global network and extensive service capabilities. The company has developed a diversified portfolio of financial products and has always served the country’s “going global” strategy and the “Belt and Road Initiative”. In 2016, the bank held a series of publicity events themed “Investing in China”. This event was aimed at promoting economic development, promoting financial reform, and facilitating intergovernmental cooperation.

In addition to offering customized design services, Standszone carries all its exhibition stand components, technical equipment, and lighting to Shanghai. The Russian Pavilion, for example, is an impressive architectural landmark. It features twelve towers and a 15-metre-high central building. As part of the Expo 2010 theme “Better City – Better Life”, this event set a new record for daily visitors. The Standszone team is well-positioned to help you achieve your goals.

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