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The Nurnberg Exhibition Center hosts more than 120 international trade fairs every year and participating at these shows can open your doors to successful international trade in Europe and beyond. A unique exhibition stand design can be the key to drawing visitors to your stand. The cost of constructing an exhibition stand is largely determined by the size of your stand, but it’s important to remember that the optimal booth size in Nurnberg is about 30 square meters.

The most successful trade show booths incorporate high-tech materials. They feature KS walls, which are made from high-quality materials, such as steel and aluminum. KS walls form flexible design elements and incorporate spotlights for lighting. KS walls eliminate the need for a second floor above the cabin. They offer space for advisory areas and planted dividing elements, too. This type of architecture saves space and lowers costs.


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As a leading provider of exhibition booth construction services, Stands Bay LLC Company stands out among all other Exhibition stand builders in Nürnberg. Its artisan skills and solid craftsmanship are essential for the successful construction of modern exhibition stands. These stands need to meet strict quality standards and have been specially designed. A tailor-made booth should blend in with the corporate identity of the exhibitor and the fair ambiance. It should be an effective self-portrait.

Messe Nurnberg is an international trade fair center that hosts around 120 different international trade fairs every year. Participation in these events opens up the doors for successful international trade throughout Europe and beyond. Your exhibition stand design must attract visitors and draw their interest. Exhibition stand builders in Nurnberg will design your booth to be eye-catching and attract visitors. The price of exhibition design depends on the size of your stand. Nurnberg booths should be no less than 30 square meters.

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The Nurnberg exhibition center hosts over 120 trade fairs every year, opening the doors to successful international trade in Europe and the rest of the world. The exhibition stand is the focus of marketing efforts, and the right design can attract visitors. Exhibition stand builders in Nürnberg charge a fee based on the size of the stand. For best results, the Nurnberg booth should be at least 30 square meters. Whether your company’s needs are large or small, our experts will help you build a perfect exhibition stand to meet your business objectives.

If you are thinking of hiring Exhibition stand builders in Nuremberg, you’ve come to the right place! Xpostands connects you with trustworthy developers who take the time to design and construct your stand. Their designers will work with you to create an exhibit that meets your business objectives and brand picture. A great stand is the foundation for any company’s success. If you’re looking for a creative, well-planned booth, contact an exhibition stand builder in Nuremberg today.

KS walls are used for construction of cabins and rear walls. They provide flexible design elements and incorporate spotlights for illumination of the stand. KS walls can eliminate the need for a second floor above the cabin, and they offer a number of benefits, including advisory spaces and planted dividing elements. And of course, they adhere to industry norms and can be customized to your specific needs. It’s a win-win situation for exhibitors and buyers alike!

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As a professional exhibition stand builder in Nurnberg, you should have an idea of what your booth will look like. In addition to building a stylish, attractive stand, your company should have a comprehensive strategy for ensuring that your stand attracts the right audience. The Nurnberg exhibition centre has many different design themes that you can use to your advantage. You may be able to use these ideas to design your booth and include various elements in it.

Nurnberg is home to over 120 international trade fairs each year. Participating in one of these events is the key to successful international trade throughout Europe and the world. To attract customers and visitors, your exhibition stand design should be both unique and attractive. The cost of exhibition design depends on the size of the stand. Nurnberg’s optimum booth size is 30 square meters. Therefore, it is advisable to check the requirements of your chosen exhibition stand builder before you make any final decisions.

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If you’re planning to participate in an international trade fair in Nürnberg, it’s important to have a high-quality exhibition stand to attract visitors. Messe Nurnberg is the trading platform for over 120 trade fairs each year, opening the doors to successful international trade in Europe and beyond. The design and layout of your stand are crucial to drawing attention and attracting visitors. The size of your exhibition stand will have a big impact on its overall cost. The perfect Nurnberg booth size is 30 square meters.

The design and construction of your trade show booth should be a reflection of your business. Choose an exhibition stand fabricator who understands the needs of different companies and the unique requirements of each one. Choose a company that can customize the appearance of your booth to fit your budget. NurnbergMesse is one of the largest and most influential trade show locations in Germany. Here you’ll find many exhibitors from different industries.


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If you’re thinking of hiring an Exhibition stand builder in Nuremberg, Germany, you’ve come to the right place. The NurnbergMesse is a large, bustling city with a vibrant and energetic business community. With more companies competing for space at these trade shows, finding a high-quality builder can make all the difference between success and failure. A high-quality exhibition booth requires artisan skills and specialization to be successful. Designed to fit the company’s corporate identity and the fair’s ambiance, a tailor-made booth must be both functional and aesthetic.

The Messe Nurnberg is home to more than 120 international trade fairs annually. By participating, your company will have access to lucrative international trade in Europe and beyond. The design of your trade fair stand is an essential element in attracting visitors and generating interest. Exhibition stand builder in Nürnberg services vary in price, but the best Nurnberg booth size is around thirty square meters. The following are some tips to ensure your trade fair booth is a success.