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The most comprehensive regional IT exhibition

11 Oct – 21 Oct 2024


Welcome to the vanguard of innovation and global trading with Dubai Gitex, a world-class exhibition company devoted to consumer electronics and other related services. Gradually, the company became a leader in exporting electronics and computers since its founding in 1985. Today, Dubai Gitex is an established representative for many international companies who are trying to find a way into the booming Middle East market

With this demand for electronics in the Middle East, Asia, and Europe recognized as a beacon to Dubai Gitex, it will ensure an efficient distribution channel is put in place. The company frequently sets limits by introducing new products, implementing groundbreaking technologies, and embarking on research and development. With subsidiaries in major metropolis around the world and headquartered in Dubai, Gitex is located to address consumer needs and reinforce its image as a dependable vendor for electronics products in the global market.

Gitex exhibitions are significant avenues for launching many exciting new products and technologies. With advanced display and technical equipment, the showrooms in Dubai offer an excellent platform for players from all industry sectors, including exporters, manufacturers, retailers, suppliers, importers, and local buyers, to exhibit their products. These activities help us create a platform through which businesses can showcase their goods, attract new clients, and develop connections in the sector.

Observing that it is a founding member of the Dubai Trade and Exhibition Corporation (DETC), Gitex actively publicizes local products and foreign goods within the Dubai Festival Shopping Zone. Committed to promoting international exchange, Gitex has served as a partner of the Americas (PCA) Program since 1987 and organized its activities by this program’s goals to provide support for ensuring cross-cultural communication by stimulating interstate cooperation between North and South America.

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