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If you are looking for an exhibition stand builder in China, Standszone company may be your best option. Their experienced staff can help you design the perfect exhibition stand. They also offer architectural services and digital printing, so you can maximize ROI. Whether you’re planning to exhibit in Shanghai or Beijing, Standszone will have the perfect exhibition stand for your business. Below is more information about the services offered by Standszone company.

Beijing – The capital of China is an international business center, which means there is a thriving exhibition and trade show scene. As such, many companies are competing to make their presence known in Beijing. Getting your exhibition stand ready in time will help your company stand out from the crowd. Be sure to ask about our in-house printing and manufacturing capabilities before making your decision.

Quality: The construction of your exhibition stand should meet international standards. A quality build will ensure that your display stands meet the ABACE2019 guidelines. Choose a company with years of experience and a passion for building exhibits. Their experienced staff can take care of every detail, from architecture to digital printing. You can be sure to receive the best results with Standszone company. They can make sure you have the exhibition booth of your dreams!


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Exhibition Stand Design In China

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Standszone Company is an official Exhibition stand builder in Shanghai and has completed countless projects for the pharmaceutical industry. The company is experienced in all aspects of exhibition stand design and installation. They also completed the Russian Pavilion, a landmark architectural structure with 12 towers and a central 15-metre building. The Russian Pavilion broke many exhibition records and even set a daily visitor record.

There are several different kinds of exhibition stands, from simple wooden stalls to elaborate steel structures. The primary difference between systemic and individual stands is the amount of space available for graphic design work. Non-systemic stands give you more freedom to design your booth, and are typically cheaper. You may even be able to use existing materials and designs if you have enough budget.

The Beijing China International Exhibition Center is the perfect location for conferences and trade shows. The exhibition center has a spacious area and can accommodate large exhibitions. Besides this, the Beijing China National Convention Center has modern meeting rooms and cutting-edge technology. For your convenience, you can choose an area that suits your needs best. The exhibition center is conveniently separated by the distance from the main entrance, so you can choose one of these areas.

Exhibition Stand Builders In China

The official Exhibition stand builders of Shanghai are Standszone COMPANY EXHIBITION. They have completed countless projects for the pharmaceutical industry. With their knowledge and experience in exhibition stands, the team at Standszone has the necessary resources to provide an outstanding stand that will not only attract visitors but also help clients maximize ROI. Whatever your business needs, Standszone can help you design and construct the perfect exhibition stand.

The Standszone company offers a variety of exhibition design options, including single and double unit chalets. They work with independent contractors as well as the official contractor, Shanghai-based EAC. Independent contractors must submit a custom design to the NBAA and local fire marshal before building the stand. All designs must adhere to ABACE2019 rules and regulations. You can choose additional items and accessories through the official service provider, Freeman.

The design of an exhibition stand can vary from basic to complex. Wooden stalls are a classic choice, while steel stands can be modern and unique. Systematic exhibition stands are more costly than non-systematic stands. Non-systemic exhibition stands allow designers to create whatever design they want, and they are more suited to certain industries. Standszone COMPANY EXHIBITION STAND BUILDERS IN CHINA

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There are many reasons why you should hire experienced exhibitors in China. They have a wealth of experience in creating and constructing booths, modular displays, and portable exhibits. Some of these are listed below

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Exhibition Stall Designs In China

If you’re looking for Exhibition stand builders in China, Standszone company is your best option. With over ten years in the industry, they have completed numerous projects for the pharmaceutical industry. They also have extensive experience in building and installing exhibition stands. One of the most renowned examples of their work is the Russian Pavilion, which set a record for the most visitors in one day with its twelve towers and central 15 metre building.

They specialize in wooden stalls or steel structures. Some choose systemic stands while others prefer non-systematic stands. The former is more cost-effective and suits the particular industry more. Both options work in tandem to ensure that your exhibition booth will stand out from the competition. Here are some of the features of each option


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The Standszone company is the official Exhibition stand builder in Shanghai. They have completed numerous projects in the pharmaceutical industry. Besides building and installing exhibition stands, they also design and produce digital printing materials. The company specializes in providing clients with high-quality work and keeps them on top of the competition. Whether you’re looking for a single-unit or double-unit chalet, Standszone can help.

In Beijing, China’s largest exhibition and trade show capital, you can choose from a large number of high-quality exhibition stand builders. Many of these companies have their own printing and manufacturing facilities. The company will deliver your exhibition stand in time for your trade show in Beijing. In addition, they can also design a stand to suit your company’s specific needs and specifications.

Exhibition stands can vary in size, from simple wooden stalls to elaborate steel structures. The primary difference between systemic and individual stands is the amount of space available for graphic design work. Non-systemic stands offer more freedom for design, making them best for companies with a large budget. Besides, they can be easily assembled and disassembled. The final result will be the perfect showcase for your business.

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As the official Exhibition stand builder in Shanghai, Standszone company has extensive experience in the pharmaceutical industry. Their team of designers and engineers have experience in international exhibitions and will build your custom exhibition stand to your exact specifications. The company also completed a number of projects for the Russian pavilion, which set a record for daily visitors. In addition to custom exhibition stands, Stands zone also offers architectural services, digital printing, and specialized services for clients aiming to stay ahead of the competition. Regardless of the size of your exhibition space, Standszone company exhibition stand builders in Shanghai will design and build the perfect stand for your brand.

Choosing the right exhibition stand builder is crucial for your show’s success. Not only must your booth look good, it should be functional. The right exhibition stand builder will take care of every detail to ensure that your stand is visually and functionally appealing. A professional builder will maximize your investment while keeping costs as low as possible. Standszone will provide you complete control over the entire process and give you the peace of mind you need.

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Exhibition Booth Fabricators In China

The Standszone company in China is an official Exhibition stand builder. They have successfully completed many pharmaceutical industry projects, including the construction of the Russian Pavilion, which is a 15-metre-high building with 12 towers. The pavilion set records for daily visitors. The company offers custom design services and provides all exhibition stand components, including technical equipment and lighting. Whether you are planning an international exhibition or a local one, Standszone can build a custom-made exhibition stand to suit your business needs.

The Standszone company is a reputable firm with more than ten years of experience in the exhibition industry. Based in Shanghai, it has served clients all over the world. Its team of professionals is highly skilled and knowledgeable about the latest technologies in exhibit construction. They can also help you lay out the halls for your exhibition. You can rest assured that your booth will be well-designed and professionally built to increase sales and increase brand awareness.

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