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gulf tents expo 2024 Sharjah UAE

International Trade Fair for Tents and Structural Systems

12 – 14 October 2024

Venue:Expo Centre Sharjah, UAE

Sharjah, UAE, for the Gulf Tents Expo 2024, welcomes you! This worldwide exhibition focuses on the newest trends in tents and pre-fabricated and modular systems to fulfill the rapidly increasing trade requirements of the shelter industry. As a distinctive trade show, Gulf Tents Expo 2024 serves diverse clients such as those in the Rama- dan and events fields.

The premier B2B destination for the Middle East, Gulf Tents + Prefab Expo is proud to be a leading business hotspot offering new products and trends in national and international tents and prefab industries. This event provides a unique chance to interact with relevant buyers, industry professionals, and key stakeholders, enabling you to remain at the center of sector evolutions.

Whether you are an experienced professional or a beginner, Gulf Tents 2024 provides many opportunities for networking, knowledge sharing, and discovering the latest innovations in tent pre-fabricated structures. If you do not seize the chance to throw yourself into innovative solutions, broaden your business horizons, and acquire vistas to propel ventures toward new frontiers.

At the Gulf Tents Expo 2024, participate in an event that’s more than usual – where creativity meets practicality, and avant-garde tents and prefab structures are demonstrated. Discover, network, and stay ahead of the trends at one of the top scale trade fairs for the shelter industry in the Middle East.

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