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ArabPlast 2024 Dubai UAE

International Trade Show for Plastics

15 – 18 November 2024

Venue:DWTC, Dubai, UAE

Work on cutting-edge innovation and revolutionary technologies awaiting you at ArabPlast, an international trade show for the plastic, petrochemical, and packaging rubber industry. ArabPlast, whose history spans over 28 years, is a prestigious and compelling event that allows industry representatives to present their innovations on the global stage.

ArabPlast 2024 offers industry leaders a unique and rewarding invitation to showcase advanced technologies on the world’s reputed face. It is a core venue for professionals, experts and businesses that allows one to network with peers across the industry both online and offline.

Given that we are looking ahead, there will be an enormous increase in the Plastics, Petrochemicals, Packaging and Rubber industries. Predictions suggest that plastics and chemicals will lead to a growth in global raw material demand by 2030. ArabPlast catalyzes this envisioned growth, providing an arena where the industrial captains can view, deliberate and capitalize on these opportunities in such an environment.

Unveiled at Arabplast, this interactive experience is more than just a simple trade show. It is a combination of innovation, knowledge exchange, and networking in which the latest developments will be revealed and industry expansion provided. Don’t miss the opportunity to participate in this transformational event, which still influences many areas such as plastics, petrochemical packaging, and rubber. ArabPlast is where innovation and opportunity meet; the future is on the stage.

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