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Foodex Saudi Expo 2024

The Region's Premier Trade, Proffessional And Custom Events

16 Sep – 19 Sep 2024

Venue:Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
foodex saudi 2024

The Saudi Arabian food and beverage market is seeing the generation of large amounts of wealth, and it is currently estimated to be worth 2.61 billion dollars and will increase to 5.1 billion dollars in the upcoming years. At the forefront of this surge is the Foodex 2024 Saudi Exhibition, well-known as the largest and most dedicated trade fair that is purely dedicated to the food and beverages industry.

Planned to start from September 16 to September 19, 2024, within the 10th edition of Foodex, the exhibition will be held at Riyadh Intl. Riyadh, Saudi Arabia Convention & Exhibition Center. This event, during which all the key stakeholders, for instance, buyers, manufacturers, wholesale and retail distributors, as well as the hospitality industry, explore different types of foods from over 50 countries, provides a unique opportunity for them.

The exposition functions not only as a forum where companies can show off their new food and beverage solutions but also as a single platform to network with the global business community and learn about the current market trends. The vision of the expo is to bring together all the participants of the supply chain, including producers, distributors, and buyers, and to demonstrate excellence in international trade in food and beverage. The Foodex Expo 2024, Saudi Arabia, is therefore slated to be a significant platform for all the participants in the food and beverage supply chain.

Being a part of the Foodex Saudi 2024 Expo in Riyadh gives us several opportunities for exhibitors. Here are some key benefits:

  1. 1. Global Market Expansion: Showcasing products at Foodex Saudi 2024 can banish those images among people and create a glaring worldwide brand. The exhibitors tap into these new markets, and they engage with the multifaceted and umpiring global audience, which puts them on across the globe.
  2. 2. Networking Opportunities: Participants are afforded an opportunity to link up with the leaders of the food top industry all over the globe. Among the objectives of the exhibition is to act as a site for collaboration, partnerships, and networking with key players in the food industry by offering visitors a unique platform for business expansion.
  3. 3. Promotion of Specialized Products: The expo is an ideal place for the exhibitors who have to undertake and innovate new products such as halal meat, dairy products, dates, and seafood. In the process, they get a chance to showcase just what they have, and this alongside presenting it to a keen audience that is specifically interested in healthy food.
  4. 4. Access to Raw Materials: Partners can consolidate their supply chains and avail raw materials at a lower cost from the expo as they source their materials by collaborating with material suppliers. This partnership helps bring down production costs, which, combined with the overall rise in profit for these firms, is the objective of this initiative.
  5. 5. Maximizing Profit Margins: The exhibitors must develop relationships with suppliers and choose a feasible option in terms of sourcing raw materials for the production of their items. This significantly reduces the cost of production. This strategy is the one that improves the chances of making a satisfactory profit from their food projects.
  6. 6. Visibility Among Trade Visitors: Organizers anticipate the presence of 15,000 trade visitors. Hence, exhibitors taking part in the event will be able to reach their exact target audience through the platform they provide. Participation in trade fairs and exhibitions leads to broadening interactivity and even a new client base.

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