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Congress for Self Driving Transport 2024 Dubai

The Dubai World Congress for Self-Driving Transport

Maybe October 2024


On behalf of the Dubai World Congress for Self-Driving Transport, I welcome you to the vanguard of automotive innovation. This global stage is focused on exposing the uppermost side of self-driving transportation, bringing together visionaries, politicians, technology leaders, researchers, and respectable academicians in the lively city of Dubai. This congress is a shining example of progress, symbolizing the future potential capabilities of autonomous cars that reach out to all stakeholders within the automotive technology sector, including inventors and executives.

The heart of the Dubai World Congress for Self-Driving Transport is a unique exhibition that brings together players from across the globe actively participating in determining the future course of self-driving transportation. Various government leaders, renowned auto manufacturers, and tech developers from around the world will converge to debate some of the latest trends facing their sector while developing partnerships with solutions destined for dominance.

The exhibition floor is set across over sixty exhibitors, representing a collective story of innovation and progress. The event will have more than thirty specialized conferences and product presentations offering a vibrant discussion forum on the cutting edge of autonomous driving technology. In the self-driving car demonstration zone, visitors have a unique opportunity to learn what lies in store for them as they witness how far technology has advanced regarding autonomous driving.

With an element of healthy competition, the specific areas of expertise essential to attaining self-driving goals shall be showcased during the challenge. This part of the show will commemorate successes and encourage partnerships to overcome any complexity associated with autonomous vehicles.

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